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Custom offers quality service designed for your budget. We offer quality workmanship at a very affordable rate. We work with your budget in completing your project. We work with time and materials, Many times we have some left over materials  and we pass that on to you, may it be some extra sheetrock, trim or a part, it helps to keep the cost down. Larger projects are managed on time and materials, also materials are researched to get the best quality of material and the best bargin for your money. Handyman Services is ideal for small projects such as repairs or a simple install. Many projects are completed within 1 Hr. of Service We also offer coupons for 2 to 5 hrs of Services. At Custom we treat our customers like family in giving our very best to serve you.

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Premium Handyman Services also offers Maintenance on Commercial Bldgs and Rental Properties. We also provide Make Readys for Property Sales and Rental Properties .We Provide Professional Service with our Quality Technicians with Honesty and Professionalism. All of our employees are trained by Custom in skill levels for Quality Top Shelf Performance in Workmanship and Customer Service. Want to Renovate your Kitchen? Great! We can show you how to Design a Kitchen that works in the space you have and with just about any Budget. Many times we can get materials cheaper with a Contractors Discount as well. You can also give your New Kitchen a Brand New Look with just a few changes like changing the Drawer Fronts and the Cabinet Doors, Pulls. This is cheaper than Replacing all your Cabinets. Upgrade your Countertops with a new Backsplash and maybe new flooring with a fresh New Coat of Paint.Little changes can go a long way in giving your home a whole new look.

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