Photos of Customers Projects from Custom Painting and Remodeling Kitchen and bath renovations, Wood Flooring, Custom Cabinets, Room Additions, Crown Molding, Painting to Handyman Services and repairs. Photo galleries are a nice way of sharing your thoughts and ideas on your projects. It's nice to see the quality and care that goes into the workmanship a project. Also your photos are a good way of helping others with ideas for their projects. Every day there is always something new in store for us. I like meeting new people and discussing the ideas they have for their projects, then come up with a plan to make it happen. Sometimes its a real challenge, but that's the fun of it all. We always take pictures of before and during, then the final photos when the project is complete. It's nice to look back at the photos of before and how it turned out. People say "Now that looks Custom!"  At Custom Painting and Remodeling Premium Handyman Services that's the payday we are looking for, making our customers happy in home repair! 

  This year we built a media room upstairs for a nice couple. The idea was to remove a separating poney wall that was made out of 2x6, sheetrocked and textured then skinned with stained beeder board and it was covered with a formica countertop. Then frame up the wall to divide the big room.  Build a header and install a set of soundproof six panel French Doors. Then we built four columns and wrapped the tops with 2x4, " this makes it pop once it is sheet rocked and we install crown molding". We framed the columns evenly uniform with each other and installed can lights hidden in the top of all four with a dimmer switch, Nice! The customer had the speakers so we installed  them with two in the back columns and back upper speakers on the 90 degree upper ceiling then ran the wiring for the projector threw the sub floor and new wall. Next we built a stage in the back section of the room with 2x6 and 3/4 sub flooring 5ft. wide by 12ft. to be covered in wood flooring. Finally we insulated the walls, then sheetrocked everything and taped n beaded an textured. Crowned out the columns, installed the doors and casing, installed pinch blocks and ran crown molding. Primed then painted with two different colors on the walls as an offset, then the doors, crown molding and trim in semi-gloss white.  Also we made custom shelving inside each column so the lady of the house can put her what nots.  Outside in the entry room we extended the beeder board and chair railing to the door casing and stained it to match. Also of course we has to patch in a piece of carpet were the old poney divider wall was.  Good thing was there was the same carpet left over from the media room, cool that saves my customer money! It really turned out awesome, and they are really happy! That's the most important thing of all , and for us its a job well done!.

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